No better feeling

I sometimes set the bar kind of high for others, but I also set it pretty high for myself.

I think the world should be a place where people do the right thing. A place where we treat one another with dignity and respect for no reason other than it is the right thing to do. It sounds good and it is certainly a goal that I think most people share. I mean, who is going to take a stand and say “I wish to be more of a self-serving jerk”? No, we pretty much all want to be good, decent people who follow the Golden Rule.

The problem is, it is hard work sometimes. The Road To Hell is not only paved with good intentions. It is landscaped with temptations and distractions. I mean, I could save all of humanity, but I have to get to work and I had plans for later and my car is in the shop and oh, look! Something shiney!

Sometimes, providence lays before me an opportunity to be the person I believe I am supposed to be. (Actually, it happens every single day.) In some way, I am given the chance to resist the temptations, ignore the distractions and simply be that person I think I should. But on some days, I accept those opportunities. I would say that most days I accept them to some degree. Some days, however, I get a chance to really knock it out of the park. On those days I take the chance to be about 75% as good as I want to be. And there is no better feeling than rising to the challenge.

Yesterday was such a day. Actually, this week has had a number of really good days. Days when I got a chance to support a friend who needed some support, with the only payoff being watching that friend get the needed support and use it to become stronger. To watch this friend meet challenges head on and accept what is coming without shrinking from the task at hand is an inspiration. To hear this friend discuss the challenges, address the fears, formulate a plan and move to execution without giving in is an awesome sight. It is an honor and a privilege to watch.

Now, to know that by simply being who I am and saying what is on my mind, I am acting as one of the pillars of support this person uses to address those challenges, well that is nothing but gift. And that gift? Well, it is the right size, the right color, and it keeps on giving. It is everything I have ever wanted.

The person I am talking about will see this. I do not want to call the person out, because the message here is not and must not be “Look at me” or “Look at them”. The takeaway from this post is, plain and simple, “Look at the joy that comes into my life when I ignore temptation and distraction, when I simply accept the challenge of being the person I believe I should be. Of being the person My Creator believes I should be. Of being John.

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