Lost without you

This weekend was not typical for me. And then again it was absolutely typical. It was a stock footage, clip art kind of a weekend. First, I went and saw a friend to spend some time together. Then that friend and I went and met another friend. Back to base for a while with Friend A, then Friend A went home and I went and had dinner with Friend B, who brought with him Friend C, who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Actually, I hadn’t seen Friend A, B or C in a couple of years. To top is all off, throughout this whole process, I was chatting online and over the phone with Special Friend, as well as with Friends D and E, among others. This afternoon, Friend D, who has never actually met Friend E, dropped off a wonderfully thoughtful gift for Friend E, since I will be seeing her tomorrow.

Friends. Good lord, I have a bunch of you. So many that it seems almost obscene to have so many good people in one life. And all this from a person who has long considered himself a bit anti-social, and certainly socially awkward. But here I am, surrounded by friends. And through social media or the process of small parties, many of my friends have now become friends. What the hell does it all mean?

Plain and simple, it means this. I don’t care about your politics, your race, your religion, who you make love with or what bathroom you use when you gotta go. What I care about is this: Are you a good friend?

So what is a good friend? Well, by and large, it is someone who doesn’t care about my politics, my race, my religion, who I make love with or what bathroom I use when I gotta go. If you are willing to accept me as I am, you are probably a friend. And I want to be a good friend to you by accepting you as you are. When I have friends, and when I am a friend, my life is amazingly rich and abundant. But if I stop being a good friend, I will find out pretty quickly when I find myself alone. And alone is something I never want to be again.

I must be true to myself. But somehow, I find that I need people to do that with. If I isolate, I am in the wilderness, alone and without direction. But with friends, I have points of reference, I have benchmarks, I have touchstones. I have wayfinding signs out of the wilderness, as well as company for the journey.

Thank you for being part of my world. I couldn’t do it without you.


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