About The Author

John Noonan is a regular contributor to life and writes frequently for his own amusement. In addition to a couple of Letters To The Editor which were published in the Milwaukee Journal and the Milwaukee Sentinel, John once took place in an online short story contest featured in the puzzles section of The Atlantic Monthly. His entry, Big Dog And Wee Pig And Wee Pig And Wee Pig, The Tri-Act Bio, not only met the requirement of being less than 100 words in length and having all words consist of only three letters, was considered a “tip-top hit” by the judges, who awarded it first place.

He resides in West Allis, WI and works as a Building Whisperer for a mid-market property manager and real estate developer in Chicago, IL. Although he refuses to take himself too seriously, Mr. Noonan has begun taking seriously his commitment to improving his ability to clear his mind and express his thoughts on politics, current events, and anything else that strikes his fancy a couple times a week on this blog.

My Story So Far

As the tagline implies, I am an old fat, bald guy. Twice married, once divorced, currently separated. My second wife was from Brazil, a country I ended up adopting as my own. You will see many images from Brazil here, since I still took pictures when I was going there. I am a drunk who hasn’t had a drink since 1983. I am guy who parlayed his inability to hold a job into a career as a Guy Who Does A Bit Of Everything For Whoever Will Pay him. Currently, I am the Director of Sticks and Bricks for a property manager and developer of affordable and market rate apartments located in Chicago, IL. I love riding motorcycles, playing music and writing. Some of this may shine through here, some may not.

Meet the Team


John “Swampdog” Noonan


Swampdog Johnny, in action

John With David and Arloon

These guys are better musicians than I will ever be

John With A Bunch Of People In Canto do Buriti, Piaui, Brazil.

I never felt so at home

John Riding In Wisconsin

Cresting a hill that looks down into a lake will always make me feel peaceful.